Pink Heart Care Centre

The Pink Heart Care Centre (PHCC) is an old folk home dedicated and committed to enhancing and uplifting the quality of life of its residents. It is open to the poor, needy and underprivileged over the age of 65, with no next-of-kin nor dependents.

The PHCC has outlined plans for achieving a perfect balance of mind and body among its residents. The daily routines at PHCC are geared towards keeping the residents active, robust and energetic. On a day-to-day basis, fitness instructors will guide the residents in light physical exercises. This will be followed by table games such as chess and caroms while those who prefer other pursuits can take part in singing and dancing sessions.


Health and dental check-ups will also be conducted on a regular basis at the PHCC. To achieve a relaxed state of mind and body, there will also be meditation, tai chi and calligraphy classes. And special classes on learning how to use the Internet will be taught to transform the residents into ‘silver surfers’.

The residents may be in the twilight of their lives, but it doesn’t mean they should stop learning or picking up new skills. The PHCC practises the concept of lifelong learning whereby age should not be seen as a deterrent to enriching one’s knowledge or acquiring a new skill.


To Care and To Provide a comfortable and cozy place for senior citizens to stay where they will never feel neglected in society. And for them to live fulfilling lives.


  • 24-hours care-giving services
  • Nutritious home-cooked meals & tea sessions
  • Housekeeping & laundry
  • Medication management
  • Interactive games
  • Activities (gardening, colouring & more…)
  • Transportation for doctor’s appointment nearby
  • Physical activities
  • Daily routine – basic check-ups


  • Aged 65 or above, may apply on the basis of good health or social factors.
  • No bad habits, no violent tendencies, nor prone to self-destructive / self-injury or sabotage behaviour.
  • Normal mental state and average behaviour for group living.
  • Confirmation of long- term stay after completing 3-month probation period.
  • Must be recommended by a person of good standing.