Wish to donate?

As a charitable organisation, PHCC greatly appreciates all one-off donations or monthly donations, be it in cash or in-kind.


Your kind contributions mean the world to the residents of Pink Heart Care Centre.
Help us restock our pantry with these necessities :


• Rice 米
• Cooking Oil 食油
• Light & Dark Soy Sauce 酱油, 生抽
• Corn Flour 玉米粉
• Bihun Rice Vermicelli 米粉
• Vit’s Air Dried Noodles 风干面
• Chicken Stock Powder 鸡精粉
• Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (Canned)
• Whole Mushroom (Canned)
• Biscuit (Savory/Cream Crackers) 饼干
• Milo 美禄
• Coffee (NESCAFE 3 in 1) 咖啡
• Jam, Kaya 果酱,加央
• Peanut Butter 花生酱
• Marjerin 黄油

Hygiene Items 卫生用品

• Bath Gel / Body Wash 沐浴露
• Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 洗发剂
• Liquid Hand Wash 洗手液
• Toilet Paper 厕纸
• Floor / Glass / Kitchen Cleaners
• Liquid Detergent 洗涤液
• Bathroom / Toilet Bowl Cleaners
• Garbage bags (small & large) 垃圾袋
• Shieldtox Mosquito Spray 驱蚊喷雾
• Bleach & Stain Removers 漂白剂

Others 其他

• Plates & Saucers 盘子和碟子
• Bedsheet 床单 (x20)
• Pillow Cover 枕头套 (x20)
• Garden Chairs
• Display Cabinet 4ft(L)x 18″(W)x 29″(H)-(x4)
• TV Cabinet 6ft(L) x 2ft(W)
• Mosquito Net (for Window) 蚊帐

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