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As the PHCC is a charitable organisation, it welcomes donations,
in cash or kind from all parties.


Your support and assistance can help our Pink Heart Care Centre to reduce the burden. Below are the immediate and essential necessities that Pink Heart Care Centre needs.

Bedroom Furniture

• Mattress (x20 sets)
• Bed Sheets (x20 pcs)
• Pillows (x20 pcs)

Home Electronics

• Ceiling Fans (x15)
• Wall Fans (x10)
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Water Heaters (x5)


• Fridge
• Gas Stove
• Electric Kettle
• Electric Cookers
• Rice Cookers
• Hot Pot, Pans & Pots
• Plates & Saucers, etc…

Others Furniture

• Dining tables & Chairs
• Lounge sets
• Settees
• Garden Chairs

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