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As the PHCC is a charitable organisation, it welcomes donations,
in cash or kind from all parties.


Your support and assistance can help our Pink Heart Care Centre to reduce the burden. Below are the immediate and essential necessities that Pink Heart Care Centre needs.


• Rice 米
• Cooking Oil 食油
• Biscuit (Savory/Cream Crackers) 饼干
• Milo 美禄
• Coffee (NESCAFE 3 in 1) 咖啡
• Jam, Kaya 果酱,加央
• Peanut Butter 花生酱
• Corn Flour, Marjerin 玉米粉, 黄油
• Light & Dark Soy Sauce 酱油, 生抽
• Baked Bean in Tomato Sauce (canned food)
• Whole Mushroom (canned food)
• Bihun Rice Vermicelli 米粉
• Vit’s Air Dried Noodles 风干面
• Chicken Stock Powder 鸡精粉

Hygiene Items 卫生用品

• Bath Gel / Body Shampoo 沐浴露
• Hair Shampoo, Conditioner 洗发剂
• Liquid Hand Wash 洗手液
• Toilet Paper 厕纸
• Floor / Glass / Kitchen Cleaners
• Liquid Detergent 洗涤液
• Bathroom / Toilet Bowl Cleaners
• Garbage bags (small & large) 垃圾袋
• Shieldtox Mosquito Spray 驱蚊喷雾
• Bleach & Stain Removers 漂白剂

Others 其他

• Display Cabinet 4ft(L)x 18″(W)x 29″(H)-(x4)
• Bedsheet 床单 (x20)
• Pillow Cover 枕头套 (x20)
• TV Cabinet 6ft(L) x 2ft(W)
• Garden Chairs
• Plates & Saucers 盘子和碟子
• Mosquito Net (for Window) 蚊帐

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